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We evaporate stress and tension from your body which in turn gathers the full energy. This is the basic need for the present lifestyle of our citizens to become the best participants of our society. We believe spending on ‘chemical’ized food and temporary relief medicines like pain killers will spoil the organic nature of the body. To come out of this scenario, the best natural replacement would be the scientific, soft and rhythmic tissue activation using Varmaa techniques, which we provide you.

About Us

Our goal at Taarasai Varma Maiyam is to restore your health, treat complex ailments conventional medicines couldn’t treat, and improve your wellness by using Varma and other ancient Indian techniques. Our specialized Varma therapy clinic was officially established in Chennai back in 1999, but our roots go back to hundreds of years through our ancestors. Book your appointment with us today.

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Using ancient Varma techniques on your central nervous system. We use ancient Varma methods to diagnose the root cause of your problem, be it in your nervous system, your muscles or any other area of your body. Varma techniques tell us which system inside your body needs more energy and treatment, and we provide it using an even advanced technique called 'Varma Neevudhal'.


An open analysis of your body, mind, nutrition, physical activity etc. A general consultation will tell us exactly where you need improvement in your wellness- whether or not you have a diagnosed illness. Most of our patients' problem is lack of understanding of their own self, and this session clears it up. It will tell us where we can move forward.


An ancient Indian medicinal practice for better health Siddha is a valuable addition to Varma therapy, as it provides the necessary support in terms of naturally sourced health supplements. Siddha treatment is considered safe, and almost all individuals can undertake the treatment. Siddha has a variety of medication for various illness and medical conditions.

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