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A tech stack is a comb of tools, frameworks, and programming languages that the development team uses to create a web application. It consists of two key components such as client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end). Concepta Technologies has developed a range of open source tools and technology designed to help development teams deliver innovative software efficiently and securely.

However, front-end developers can create modular CSS components that can be reused as needed, eliminating the need for frameworks such as Materialize and Bulma. Although many technologies are involved in creating a web application, some are more central to building a web application. Do you want to be a front- or back-endweb developer? Maybe, you’ve set your sights on becoming a full-stack developer.


Imagine the results when your team can confidently talk tech, no matter the role or technology. As more web developers provide a similar built-in feature to switch between light and dark modes, this will become the standard in 2023 and beyond. It may even become the de facto default for applications. Responsive design has never been quite so crucial.

HTML web development technologies

WebFonts is a technology that enables people to use fonts on demand over the Web without requiring installation in the operating system. W3C has experience in downloadable fonts through HTML, CSS2, and SVG. Until recently, downloadable fonts have not been common on the Web due to the lack of an interoperable font format. The WebFonts effort plans to address that through the creation of an industry-supported, open font format for the Web (called “WOFF”). After qualifying prospects, it’s time to onboard your new clients. Client onboarding is a crucial aspect of any business, as it sets the foundation…

Design to code

CSS scope includes the design, layout, and variations in display for diverse devices and screen sizes. The main idea behind REST is that the server doesn’t care what happens to the client. Instead, REST messages HTML web development technologies contain all the needed information for a server to return the needed data and forget about this operation. To learn more about different messaging formats and an older SOAP standard, check the dedicated article.

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You don’t have the expertise needed for a specific tech stack. Many web developers can also work from home, making it an appealing employment choice for some. Some web developers have a degree in web development as well as certificates. There are various advantages to working as a freelance web developer or telecommuting. It is considered to be ideal for real-time applications.

What Are the Different Web Technologies?

This is one of the most popular programming languages and has lots of frameworks built on it. It is most widely used to introduce interactive elements in the web pages. Choosing the best technology for web application development is a complex process with many nuances that should be considered. There are many options for how to apply, but it is worth thinking about everything in advance. It will save time, money and facilitate the timely launch of the finished web application.

HTML web development technologies

Users are accessing websites and web apps in many different ways these days. They are looking at them on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. They are leveraging a range of operating systems. And companies need to ensure they are delivering a consistent, optimal experience, no matter how consumers are accessing their web platforms. Choosing which technology is best for web development is a big responsibility. It depends on the speed, quality, and security level of your web application.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Marvel is one of the best wireframing tools to quickly and easily design different projects. This web-based collaborative design platform offers robust prototyping and user testing features. It can be an excellent platform for expanding your networks and building a personal brand as a web developer.

  • Node.js is a runtime environment based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.
  • So, we outlined the basic elements for front-end development.
  • Building web applications such as chatbots, and SPAs among others.
  • Our Tech Cheat Sheet goes more in depth on what tools engineers are using, definitions you should know, and how to apply your new tech know-how in conversations with candidates.
  • However, if you have an idea for web development, you can reach out to the best web development consultant.

An example of these serverless platforms would be AWS Lambda. Acronis EDR uses Intel threat detection technology to uncover sophisticated attacks such as fileless malware, but it also has to … While some software teams may find themselves wary to weave AI into their software testing routines, a gradual introduction of … As you travel further along the web developer roadmap, the ability to troubleshoot code becomes increasingly important.

Modern Algorithms That Will Revolutionize Your Business

It can uphold and process large datasets and dynamic responses for interaction and animation. D3’s functional style permits code reusing and runs with CSV and HTML. JQuery, in turn, is aimed at controlling HTML documents. It has a simple API to control events and design animation in browsers.

HTML web development technologies

This is due to the fact that they use both front end and back end development talents in their daily professional duties. As a result, a full stack web developer salary is something that many individuals aspire to. Ruby on Rails – a full stack framework built using ruby.

Server (or Server-side)

It supports event-driven, object-oriented, and functional programming styles. HTML5 is used in scripting APIs that can be used with Javascript. There are new APIs like Canvas, Microdata, Web messaging, web storage and many more based on HTML.

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