Using ancient Varma techniques on your nervous system. Read on to see what we do.


We analyse your nervous systems helps us to know which of them are dull, inactive and lacking energy. We apply adequate pressure at the exact position activates those nerves and also gives good amount of strength to the soft tissues. We call this soft tissue activation. It is a modern adaptation of the ancient Varma techniques.


There are various types of stresses that can cause trouble in our body, and we know exactly how to counteract them with varma techniques. When we release these ‘stress knots’ using activation techniques, you feel rejuvenated, and you avoid future calamities like stroke.


Adequate application of pressure continuously elongate & contract your muscles will completely relax them. All the stiff ones lose their will to remain stiff  and the pain caused by them disappears. Adequate pressure, Mild lubrication using natural oils if required, but more importantly the application of our understanding of the human body will achieve this.


Along with activation, we also do the necessary stretches which relieve you of that bothering neck pain. It also prevents survical spondylitis for which neck pain is the kick-starter. The acute technique we follow for back pain relief paves way to fortify the soft tissues backing up the thoracic and lumber vertebrates.


Not to be confused with the typical head massage, we apply enough force at the exact spots in your head that can boost your energy.  Our hands run through rapidly, yet smoothly around your head touching these spots and giving you a burst of energy. We provide force and a bit of velocity, and it naturally gives energy. Your head gets enormously energised and it relieves you of any tension that tried to find a place in your head. In the long run, it can be useful to avoid blood pressure. This energy reaches your eyes and your vision is clear of any fatigue or tension. Our head activation also triggers the mastermind called the pituitary gland which then puts all the secretions back to the right track, that also arrests any abnormalities in the cardiac zone.


This is one of our top rated techniques. Obesity first shows its cruelty on your stomach. Our massage has an immediate and a long lasting effect on belly. It first makes the muscles soft by generating enough blood flow, then creates an environment to reduce the fat. This will not only reduce your belly but also regulates your intestinal systems. Many people have the problem of fatty liver for which our belly activation provides a solution. Gastric troubles can be treated by belly activation, and acidity too can be controlled. Even constipation can be dealt with this technique. This elegant technique of lower abdominal massage also gets your bladder, urethra and genetic passages in cruise control and in fact has the ability to restore your potency, if required.


It strengthens the lumber vertebrates and gets you very much in shape. It is a way to strengthen and shape your hip muscles in a smooth way.


Back thigh massage regulates blood flow. Knee pain and ankle pain can be efficiently treated or even avoided by whole leg activation. This not only provides relief but also strengthens ligaments. Foot massage regulates the various body secretions and also relieves stress to a great extent.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can contact us through the form and we will reach out to you. We will have a quick chat over the phone first and let you know when you can fix the appointment. We’ll start with a consultation, and depending on your ailments, we will recommend a course of treatment.

Not required, as we will perform our own analysis. But if you have existing reports with consultations from other doctors, feel free to bring it and ask your questions.

We do not accept health insurance as of now. You can pay either by cash or GooglePay.

We have a history of curing illness that conventional medicine couldn’t touch. Based on that confidence and our experience, we guarantee that we will do our best to give you a solution. But the requirements and the time taken entirely depends on the ailment and you.

We have a page dedicated for it. Please check it out from the menu. If your problem is not listed there, you can discuss it with us directly over the phone or in person after booking an appointment. We might have a solution for you.

Yes and No. We do provide consultations online, but our hands will be tied. Though you will gain a much better perspective and a possible solution, you need be here to implement it further. The first consultation can be online so that you get a good idea of how to proceed.