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Apart from all Tamil manuscripts and it’s definition of VARMAA, an ancient medical science
established by many Tamil saints, headed by Agasthiyar, my simple view is eccentric.
Escalation of energy, by applying pertinent pressure, to release the trigger knots, on the
significant energy centres and it’s flow channels, in order to neutralize or to balance the
divergent forces of our vital energy.
Human body structure is a composition of bone, muscle, ligaments & tendons, veins &
arteries, water & blood, air & space which are connected and synchronised with various
energies called Vaayus example Praana, Apaana, Samaana, Udhaana, Koorman,
Thananjaya etc.,
Illness, discomforts, pains, diseases and even disorders, can be cured, through balancing
the abnormalities of our constantly moving energies, which are called as Vaayus, through
neutralizing, by making optimum pressure on the significant energy centers and it’s
This is an art, can be learnt through a proper Guru, that too requires a Monastery style of
study at least 12years, or it may be the knowledge of heredity ie it is genetic inheritance from
the family ancestors

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