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Back pain: The major headache and a physical disadvantage of the current generation is the back pain. Especially the IT people have found it a rather persistent problem. Even middle aged and old people are so desperate that they take sleeping pills to suppress this trouble. We provide you with the scientific and a comfortable way to get rid of this problem.

Stress relief: Work is a pleasure always, but too much work gifts you stress in your mind. As mind and body are too close to be separated, a big strike takes place in the body as well. Too much pressure and your body fails to cooperate with you. It’s a practical truth that avoiding or reducing work in any case is not plausible. This is where, our tissue massage plays a vital role and relieves you of all the stress and makes you fit for the next day or perhaps the next week too.

Psychology: ‘A sound mind in a sound body’. What a beautiful quote it is! Our customers have proven it time and again that when their body gets affected due to back pain, slip disks or any joint pain , their mind starts to get the taste of fear of health which leads to problems one by one. This phenomenon is apparently, the converse of stress that was explained earlier. To have the confidence in your work, your speech and in general, your life, you need to get your body shaped up. We do this work by many techniques which will get you out of any pain and hence, your psychological disadvantage.

Energy drain: Sir Isaac newton said “Energy can neither be created and nor be destroyed but can only be converted”. He was pretty correct and we definitely apply what he said. All these tiring works, body pain and herculean bus rides can really suck the energy out of you like a vacuum pump. But not to worry, our rhythmic and rather effective massage can freshen you up. The potential energy in our hands along with the rhythmic movement is converted to all types of energy that your body needs. Ironically, our customers say we create energy. 😉

Inactive muscles: A lot of customers come to us with neck pain. This is one good example of inactive muscles. Either due to a long stay at the same position during sleeps, or working on laptops with their heads down, their muscles become really stiff. I tell you, this can be one heck of a problem! It can cost you many hours of sleep if not taken care of. Our experts give necessary stretches and appropriate amount of pressure and get this neck pain running its way out of you like a rabbit from ferret!

Acute pain in joints and tissues: Have you ever experienced that feeling, when you have the most acute pain in some part of your body but you have no idea how you got it? Well, it is very common. In some random position of our body, some bones, joints or tissues might have been put under sum unexpected pressure or stress which is obviously involuntary. It creates acute pains which can sometimes be terrifying and sometimes, rather very disturbing. We reason it out using the ancient yet so effective ‘varma’ technique. Not only reason it out, but we cure them too. So, why fear when varma is here?!

Obesity : This one is a sorry tale of today’s generation. We can list out reason after reason for it, but at the dead end, we also need to sympathise for the youngsters and their lifestyle that has been imposed on them by the society. As legends say, every lock has a key. We reduce the obesity factor by diluting the excess fat in your body by our techniques. We can get those unwanted fat globules on your body to convert to energy. This is an effective method that has reduced the size of many youngsters’ bodies and also their dresses! 😉 we don’t use medicines though but only through massage.

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