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tyler perry 80 20 rule

Not only that, but 2-3 percent of children are the result of an affair as well. As we all know there is no 100%, no one is perfect, and often times we might realize that’s what we were looking for, and then sometimes people refered to their end result as “settling.” I totally agree with you “anonymous” people are looking for someone to complete them and to make them happy. They fail to realize that that happens from within. I’m also in favor of another rule that I’d like to think I coined called the debt vs. investment scenario in dating.

It sent a strong message to married couples. However, I feel too much profanity was used for the spiritual aspect of it. In reality Christians have troubles, but they have better choices of words – even when tyler perry 80 20 rule arguing. They are not the problem; they are what was used to try and address the real issues. If you’re the one who had the affair, don’t look to the person you cheated with as your ticket to happiness.

Understanding The 80/20 Rule In Relationships And How This Can Completely Transform Your Relationships

In my eyes a man who cheats on a good woman is one sick coward of a man – and its quite sad. What you think might be a good thing it not , is it worth losing every thing once it’s broken you might not be able to fix it. I am pretty sure that the 80/20 rule, WHEN YOU TRANSLATE IT FROM FINANCES would be somewhere along the lines of, 20% of guys get 80% of all the action.

Jill Scott, on the other hand, all but steals the film with her sad but soon-to-be spunky Sheila. A successful gospel singer, Scott clearly has a huge future in film as well. Many Christian women will also relate to her dilemma between doing what is “right” and facing reality.

Tyler Perry Stereotypes

I really enjoyed watching all of Tyler Perry’s plays and movies because there is always something that could be taken and applied to our lives. His movies always have me cracking my side. If everyone who experienced an affair solely relied on their feelings when it came to determining if they were going to work through it, probably no marriage would survive. If you’re not ready to take that step, at least consider watching the documentary 51 Birch Street. You will definitely see marriage in a new light. The negative stereotypes depicted by Tyler Perry, a successful African American male, sends a message to his viewers.

What is Tyler Perry’s 80 20 rule?

Craziest Scene From Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married. This rule states that most men get 80% of what they need from a marriage yet they tend to go after the 20% that someone outside can provide for them because it appears to be more to them when it really isn't.

The rule states that you only get 80% of what you need in a healthy relationship and the missing 20% is what you hoped to find in your partner. This small percentage may cause a person to cheat. After some research, I found that this is a mythical movie rule and probably taken from the Pareto Principle. Nevertheless, it’s a practical rule to follow. A friend of mine reminded me about this clip in the Tyler Perry Movie, “Why Did I Get Married.” It fit perfectly the discussion I was having with him about people having the right person in their lives, and leaving them.

80 Rule

After looking at the list and you are in an 80/20 spot, congrats love, you have a great marriage. It’s not settling, it’s called compromise, yes he doesn’t give you 100% of what you need, but the 80% you get is nothing short of amazing. Providence leads her to Sheriff Troy Jackson ‘s office. That same night, Mike is caught by Angela going to Trina’s bedroom. Troy becomes a threat to Mike, not because of Sheila, but because of Trina.

Whatever the reason, anyone in a relationship must first of all realize one simple truth – that no one including them is perfect; and that everyone has faults, shortcomings, and idiosyncrasies. When we choose to marry someone, we are agreeing to accept that person for who they are – their faults and all! Oftentimes, when we are upset or frustrated in a relationship it is easy to focus on the negative attributes of the other person.

Maybe he doesn’t compliment you, and suddenly the “You look really nice today” from a stranger means so much more to you than it would normally. When you are not getting what you need from your marriage it can create a sense of frustration, resentment and even depression. An easy fix, get what you need from someone else. However, while you are out getting that 20% or 60% from someone else have you looked at the true issues in your marriage and thought about why that 20% seems so enticing to you? As my mom would say….”Everything that glitters ain’t gold” sis.

tyler perry 80 20 rule

Tired of taking it and assuming there was another woman. Of course I sent her a message but I am sure he lied his way out of it. Painful thing is when I found out of course he denied it but then he admitted loving her and said he just was not sure who to choose so he kept cheating. So was there something missing in the relationship that allowed him become emotionally available to another woman?

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